Base Foundation 

Vera Vista Homes starts with large base frame structures consisting of heavy-duty gauge, cold rolled industrial box beam steel framing with oversized joists and purlins. They are welded and double dipped galvanized to ensure superior corrosion protection. These base frames are then bolted together with extreme gauge fastening plates to form the foundational base of each home. The entire foundation frame is supported and secured by multiple legs and feet, which are anchored to concrete footers, such as concrete filled cardboard sonotubes or individually formed, pillar footers that eliminate the need for costly concrete slabs or site grading.


Mounted on top of the foundation structure is 3” PU Hi-Density Steel Clad Sandwich Panels. The Sandwich Panels are then covered by 19mm Concrete Fiberboard creating a Rigid, Hi-Strength, Thermally Insulated underlayment for the Wood or Tile flooring. Numerous choices of flooring are available: from various species of hardwoods, ceramic tiles and planking tiling, stone tiles and slate to many choices of acrylic, PVC and Vinyl tiling and planking.

Walls and Framing


The framing structure of thick-walled, commercial grade, galvanized steel posts is then thru-bolted to the foundation structure at the base and fastened to the roofing truss beam frame. These engineered load bearing posts are located throughout both exterior and interior walls, window and door openings providing both structural integrity and the mounting grid for the 100 mm (4”) insulated P/U Foam Steel Clad Sandwich Panel walls to be securely mounted. The sandwich panels consists of 100 mm (4”) high-density polyurethane foam encased by sealed metal shells which provide extreme water/vapor resistant, corrosion protection, fire retardant (self extinguishing), thermal resistance and structural integrity.

The exterior of these panels are then finished by the installation of the Stone or 30 year rated PVC Resin Cladding, giving the exterior of the building a maintenance free, wood-like appearance that also increases the R-Factor (thermal resistance) and fire retardant rating of the home as both the PVC Resin Cladding and P/U Foam Steel Clad Sandwich Panels maintain a B+ Non-Combustible Fire Rating.

On the interior side of the P/U Foam Steel Clad Sandwich Panels, between the engineered posts are mounted the C89 Commercial Steel Studs allowing for the ease of electrical, plumbing and additional insulation installation, while adding even more structural integrity. Extreme structural stability, noise reduction and thermal qualities are achieved as these studs are fastened with screws to the floor, sandwich panels, posts and roofing structure.

Prior to the final application of the stone, finished wood or resin panel wall interior, 12mm, 9-ply plywood is used to provide even more stability to studs, walls and the entire structure while also supplying a secure mounting surface for the interior finish.


The roofing grid is composed of the same commercial grade, cold rolled, C89 steel used in manufacturing the roof trusses, joists and purlins ensuring an extreme-duty structure designed to withstand winds of over 160 MPH. Once these trusses are assembled and bolted to the walls, they are covered with 150mm Hi-Density, Steel Clad Foam Sandwich Panels to provide maximum structural rigidity and thermal resistance.

On top of the Sandwich Panels are mounted 22 gauge steel powder-coated roofing panels achieving a pristine finish with maximum durability for many years to come.

Below the truss, joist and purlins is mounted a steel “U” Channel framing system to allow fastening of the 12mm, 9-ply plywood use to secure your ceiling finish of choice, whether Resin Panel or Finished Wood to provide that refined appearance.

Decking and Handrails

All models with decking include heavy-duty gauge, cold rolled industrial box beam steel, welded and then double-dipped galvanized for a rigid, non-rotting, decking grid, complete with extreme-duty mounting legs similar to the house foundation. This grid is designed for non-intrusive fastening clips that secure the decking surface material without the need for unsightly nails or screws that always seem to lift up.

The decking and porch surfaces are composed of 25 year rated, rigid PVC Resin that’s been designed not to warp, sag, twist, splinter or rot. These 1” thick, 6” wide, solid color, non-skid decking boards are also insect-proof and made for years of maintenance-free service. Try making that claim with any wood surface!

Handrails (if included) are constructed with Stainless Steel or Powder-Coated Uprights and top rails with horizontal Stainless Steel Cabling for maximum visibility and protection, providing an extremely refined appearance with once again, no warping, sagging, twisting, splintering or rotting like any wood surface.

Windows and Doors

All Homes include Australian-Stamped and Rated, storm resistant, Low “E”, 5/9/5 tempered glass windows and sliding glass door walls. Designed to withstand high winds of up to 140 mph, these windows and glass doors are of extremely high-grade showroom quality glass. With powder-coated hi-grade aluminum frames and superior seals, the combination of 5mm of tempered glass, 9mm of Argon gas and another 5mm of tempered glass, incredible ball bearing slides, these Low “E”, high thermal resistant windows and glass doors are the best that you can find.

All interior and exterior doors are “raised panel”, solid wood construction with glass or wood inserts designed for superior sound-proofing and high thermal resistance using the finest of premium hardwoods. Other than the Tiny House and Sanctuary lines, all interior, exterior and glass sliders are “oversized” 96” high.

All windows and doors come complete with all required hardware, hinges, locking doorknobs and window lock mechanisms, glass slider handles and locks.

Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

All Vera Vista Home models in the Villa, Cabin, Single Family, Lodge and Granny Pod line are supplied with premium all wood cabinets with raised panel, shaker style or glass doors. The drawer boxes for every cabinet and pantry are constructed using the finest furniture-grade 12 mm, 6-ply plywood for the sides and bottoms. All drawers are assembled using dovetail joinery for a lifetime of durable service. The completed drawers are then coated and sealed with a semi-gloss lacquered finish and mounted on heavy-duty Full-Extension slides.

Premium Granite, Quartz, Marble and Recycled Glass are among the choices available for solid-core countertops for your exquisite kitchen cabinets and islands. Every countertop will be pre-cut to size with finished edging and supplied with matching backsplashes. Under-mounted Stainless Steel sinks with faucets are provided for the kitchens and bathroom vanities.


As with the kitchens, all Vera Vista Home models in the Villa, Cabin, Single Family, Lodge and Granny Pod line are supplied with the same quality of bathroom vanity cabinets drawers, countertops, backsplashes, under-mounted sinks and faucets.

The shower walls will be marble or granite, matching the countertop on the vanity. Extreme-Duty, tempered glass shower doors with showroom quality Stainless Steel hinges and fixtures will provide the finishing touches to your showers and/or bathtubs.

Comfort Height Dual-Flush porcelain toilets are provided for every bathroom.

Assembly Components

Every home and structure supplied by Vera Vista Homes comes with stamped engineering plans and detailed assembly instructions. Videos with step-by-step footage will make for an extremely rapid, simple and low-cost build.

All fastening components: bolts, screws, anchors, sealant, weather-proof masking, felt waterproofing underlayment, fiberglass insulation, roofing lags and sheet metal screws, stainless steel decking clips and cladding fasteners.

Detailed parts manifest for easy identification and application will make for a quick and efficient set-up and total install.