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12 X 16 Sanctuary


The Vera Vista Sanctuary has been designed and developed as a perfect place of “Peace and Refuge” in mind. Whether you want a exquisite backyard office, art studio, kid’s sleepover retreat, dollhouse or just an inner sanctum, The Sanctuary, has been created to fit the bill.

Like the other Vera Vista Homes, The Sanctuary has been engineered to meet and exceed structural building requirements for residential housing. What this means is that if you desire to add your own plumbing and kitchen fixtures, you now have guest quarters!

Unlike the similar Storage Shed models, The Sanctuary comes with a complete interior floor (R-30+), walls (R-67+) and ceiling (R-70+) finish package with superior thermal insulation and “showroom quality” 5/9/5 tempered, low “E” glass windows and doors. These meet the same high wind and snow load, earthquake, fire resistance and extreme thermal specifications as all of Vera Vista Homes.

The Sanctuary is currently available in three sizes and designs: 140 SQF (10’ X 14’), 192 SQF (12’ X 16’) and 320’ (16’ X 20’).


Insulated Sq Ft:192

What's Included

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