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Sports Café



When we designed the Backyard Lounge, we thought that we had created the ultimate backyard (Man Cave) hideaway. Then came the barrage of “What ifs?” Quickly succumbing to the urge to “biggie size”, Doug and Michael let their passions take over. So out of the wild imaginations of a couple of guys, we now present “The Sports Cafe”.

What began as “Let’s add a bathroom" snowballed into a complete business building in a box – the Sports Café.

When we pondered the commercial applications of the 768’ Square feet (71.3 M²) interior of the Sports Café and came up with numerous uses, we were amazed at the versatility of the Sports Café to perfectly fulfill them!

Before getting hung up on the moniker Sports Café, consider these other names: Coffee Shop, Sidewalk Café, Cigar Shop, Sandwich Bar, Wine Bar, Vineyard Tasting Room, Soda Shop, Tea Room, The Clubhouse or The Lounge, Beach Grill, Ice Cream Shop, Soup and Salad Stop, Reception Center, Sales Office and the list goes on and on.

For Vera Vista Homes’ application, we designed the Sports Café to serve as a reception center for guests touring our home models that are on display at our North Carolina office. As locals, including avid sports fans, vineyard operators and baristas, visit our Sports Café and see how we are using it, they love the idea and versatility of the model and leave with their own ideas of how to use the structure.

The Sports Café features a massive 384’ Square feet (35.6 ) semi-covered deck designed to accommodate numerous tables and chairs, perfect for entertaining on sunny days and moonlit nights. The deck’s overhanging roof offers partial rain and sun protection for outdoor entertaining. With the oversized, folding glass doors, you can enjoy a great atmosphere, whether inside or out. When fully open, the doors are hidden, making for seamless transition from the outdoors into the Sports Café. Transom windows above the glass doors deliver more natural light into the gathering space.

On the inside, the 512’ Square Feet (47.5 ) lounge area provides all the space needed to furnish the room to meet your needs – comfy sofas that swallow you with pillows, bistro tables, card tables and a pool table, or whatever you imagine for your Sports Café. To add some coziness to the lounge, you will enjoy the large stone LED fireplace. There’s plenty of wall space throughout for multiple big-screen TV’s, just to make sure you don’t miss your favorite game, or any game for that matter!

To the left of the lounge is a 110’ Square Feet (10.2 ) area where you might add a customized bar. The area is large enough to hold the usual amenities of a bar like a mini-fridge, an ice maker, a 30-inch pantry cabinet, glass storage, sink and counters, cooler, beer taps, wine racks, and dishwasher. It’s really that big!

Behind the bar space is a lockable 40’ Square Feet (3.7 ) storage closet – perfect for your coolers, kegs, surplus wine, coffee supplies, groceries or other dry goods.

We’ve included a side door in front of the bar area for easy egress when you don’t want to retract the front wall of glass doors.

Along the rear of the lounge, we have included a fully handicap-accessible bathroom and a private 100’ Square Feet (9.2 ) meeting room isolated from the sounds of celebrations.

Hopefully, we’ve allowed you to contemplate the many possible uses of this popular model beyond being a Sports Café. Whatever your needs, you can design and furnish the Sports Café to make your vision a reality.


  • Bathrooms: 1 Unisex Handicap Accessiable
  • Heated Sq Ft: 768

What's Included

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