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Hideaway Cabin


I don’t know if you have Grandparents like me that were from the South, but The Hide Away Cabin brings me back to all those childhood memories of visiting Granny and Granddad’s homestead in Southern Georgia.

Stepping up to and entering the bug proofed, glass and screened porch, which held the rocking chairs with their runners worn flat from years of rocking and pondering, as the world went by. You realize you have just stepped back into that place where time has slowed down to a pace where relaxation is not only possible, but also a present reality.

Inside the 640’ Square Feet (59.4 M²) of the main floor of The Hide Away Cabin, you are captivated by the vaulted ceiling and spacious living area. As you turn around to view where you just came in, you notice the cool ship’s ladder leading to the sleeping loft over the front porch, which looks down into the living and dining room.

The Hide Away Cabin’s kitchen utilizes an open footprint to allow ample workspace while you rustle up them vittles.

I’m talking Auntie’s biscuits and her scrumptious pound cake! How about you, can you smell Mama’s cake and cookies baking yet?

Towards the rear of the kitchen, you’ll find a great pantry and broom closet right next to the laundry closet for great storage.

At the back of the house is the full bathroom with the usual fixings, shower, toilet, vanity, sink and even a linen closet.

Conveniently located in the rear area of The Hide Away, are the two bedrooms.

The larger of the two easily accommodates a queen or even a king mattress, if you choose.

The second bedroom is designed to host a twin or full bed with a dresser and a chair. Good sized closets in both bedrooms finish them off nicely.

Getting back to that cozy sleeping loft, adding another 96’ Square Feet (8.9  ) of useable living space to The Hide Away Cabin brings the total to close to 736’ Square Feet (68.4 ) of heated living space for The Hide Away Cabin.

Oh, and I’m sure that you’ll thank us for putting the kid’s loft on the opposite end of the house to give you a peaceful, undisturbed rest time! With the glass and screen enclosed porch, they can even safely sleep out there.


  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Heated Sq Ft: 784
 120 sq. ft. of deck

What's Included

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