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Safe Haven 2


When disasters strike, whether it comes as storms, floods, fires or even earthquakes, they all seem to have the same thing in common – they leave many homeless. Because the areas are also devastated, rebuilding can take months or even years, leaving the victims homeless and without any type of shelter or protection from the elements. The building of safe shelters has always presented the biggest challenge to every disaster relief agency. Providing materials and manpower in environmentally hostile locations has traditionally plagued even those with the best of intentions.

With this in mind, we have designed the Safe Haven 1 and 2 models, both 160 square feet in a studio-style home. They come complete with a three-piece bath – 30-inch vanity with sink, toilet, a 30-inch by 30-inch shower and a cabinet for towels and toiletries. These models can also be configured for bunk houses or shower facilities. The Safe Haven 1 has two decks, one at the front entrance and one off the sliding glass doors in the living space. The Safe Haven 2 has a large covered front porch.

Entry to the Safe Haven 2 begins at the six-foot by 20-foot covered porch, ample for porch swings, chairs or outdoor gear. Inside the front door is the 14-foot by 7-foot living space. It has room for a queen-sized mattress, bunk beds or twin beds, a large, flat screen television and a 2-foot by 3-foot dining table. The kitchenette accommodates a single-basin sink (included, full-sized refrigerator and range. It has a 30-inch pantry and counter and cabinet space.

The Safe Havens are designed to be set up quickly and are extremely efficient to heat or cool. The walls, floors and roofing are thermally rated at over R-39, and as with our other models, maintain 145 mph wind resistance and G8 earthquake ratings.

These homes will provide comfort and security to those who may have lost everything. With multiple units per shipping container, depending on configuration, they are able to be shipped in quantity or trucked to remote locations, providing “Safe Haven” and relief.


  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Heated Sq Ft: 160

Safe Haven II has a large porch measuring 120 sq. ft.

What's Included

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