Michael and Doug begin by collaborating on the concept of a new design that, through research, we believe will meet our needs as well as market demands.

Doug will work on the design to present some options for review, and then he and Michael will work on them until they meet Vera Vista Homes’ requirements.

After being satisfied that all aspects of the exterior structure, including cladding, decking, window and door placement, are correct, we will move on to the interior.

At this point, Judy and Deborah begin their review and may modify the kitchen, baths and closets before moving into the texture and color schemes. Once the changes are implemented, the floor plan moves to our CAD team for technical detailing.

As Andrew and Doug begin the task of checking every detail of the architecture, Judy and Deborah make their design choices, and Tricia begins to procure the materials needed.

Once availability and costs are determined, Deborah works with Sarah and Samantha as they begin to create 3D renderings of the elevations and numerous views of the finished interiors. This process allows for visualization of every model prior to the receiving and assembly of them and can facilitate changes without expensive labor costs. This process can also help clients visualize the floorplans by bringing them to life prior to ordering.