As a seasoned entrepreneur and inventor, Michael's business ventures include manufacturing kitchen cabinets and furniture for estate and custom homes.

From there he built an international company that provided installs, service and creative solutions to one of the foremost leaders in the home improvement industry.

During that time, Michael created affordable, patented designs and solutions to problems that had plagued the building support industry costing it millions of dollars annually.

Following his passion, the next step was to acquire his real estate broker's license and target the residential and raw land markets. Perplexed by the lack of value in proportion to expense for new home construction, he desired better solutions for his own requirements. Looking for affordable, extremely durable homes for the properties he was developing, Michael discovered once again, an opportunity to provide affordable solutions to expensive problems.


With over 35 years being a contractor specializing in timber frame and conventional homes, Doug has overseen many custom homes and elaborate lodges. He has built in the challenging terrain of the North Carolina mountains, snowy New England winters, and the sun and wind swept island of Nantucket, Ma.

Doug brings to Vera Vista Homes his knowledge and expertise, knowing what will last and what will not.

In addition to these abilities, he is also a skilled designer and draftsman as well as a fine artist. Our many designs have come from a few ideas that have turned into creative and cutting edge home designs on his drafting table.


Deborah has been schooled and trained in the fine arts as well as interior and home design. Her years of experience in artistic design and color have brought magnificent spaces to life for home owners. She will work with clients on a commissioned painting, as well as designing beautiful spaces to live in.

Being able to envision the final product before it is on paper, she is able to see the space in her mind. This gives her the ability to create a graceful flow to every home design using color and texture as if it were on canvas.


With over 30 years of experience in the travel and hospitality industry, Judy is our go to girl for spotting trends and market designs. As she travels the world she brings to Vera Vista Homes the latest of what the world has to offer.

Having lodged in some of the most prestigious hotel and villas, she experiences firsthand what works and what doesn't. Her flair for the eclectic brings the flavors of Scandinavian chalets, European cottages and Tuscan villas to our designs. Judy's passion for excellence ensures luxurious elegance in every home.


Tricia leads our procurement team and, like a genie in a bottle, makes our wishes come true. Having lived in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy and Mexico, and visited numerous other countries including China more than 40 times, Tricia has perfected the art of shopping.

She and her assistants, Allie and Nicole, search for suppliers and products to complement Vera Vista’s designs. From exotic woods, exquisite stone, premium glass doors and windows, cabinets and lighting fixtures, they find the best products and prices available. Tricia has spent the last 20 years pursuing the finest quality products for the most discerning clients, and now she brings home the ones that make Vera Vista Homes the best they can be.


Andrew is our CAD technician. He takes each structural design and converts every detail into three-dimensional drawings, where they can be seen in both Imperial and Metric specifications. After assuring accuracy, Andrew sends the drawings to our 3D Rendering team.

Andrew graduated top of his class in architectural technology. He won a gold medal by placing first in Architectural Drafting at the SkillsUSA North Carolina Leadership and Skills Conference in 2018; he placed sixth in the nation in Architectural Drafting at the 54th annual SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

In addition to exceling in 3D CAD drawings, Andrew is equally nifty as a sketch artist. He is also interested in creative writing.

Sarah and Samantha

Our 3D rendering artists are identical twins, Sarah and Samantha. They joined Vera Vista Homes after their college instructor highly recommended that Michael take a look at their design work. Sarah and Samantha use their artistic talents to create three-dimensional digital renderings of every structure after Judy and Deborah have selected the colors, woods, and textures to be used on both the interior and exterior of each design. They incorporate the walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets, countertops, windows, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and everything else into the conceptual rendering to bring life to each model.

Both Sarah and Samantha are creative, extremely artistic and have a passion for home and interior design.