Our Mission

Vera Vista Homes is supplying distinctive housing built with alternative technologies for extreme durability and designed by a creative team embodying a “Spirit of Excellence” and providing exceptional quality and value in every home.

Our Culture

Vera Vista Homes is a family. Maybe not in the traditional sense of relationships by blood or marriage, but certainly by the bond of integrity, respect, honor and accountability for and to each other, which manifests excellence in everything we do. We realize that what we do is not defined by what any one of us has done, but by what all of us have accomplished together.

Too often companies try to hammer square pegs into round holes and demand rectangle results without ever discovering or harvesting the passion and creativity born in individual team members. What a sad waste of a company’s most valuable resource – its people.

At Vera Vista Homes, we challenge team members to discover their dreams and passions so that they can incorporate them into an expression of their creativity. Everyone flourishes in this supportive environment that celebrates the unique gifts and talents we bring to the company and fosters an attitude of love and respect for one another. These virtues ensure that each and every customer receives the attention and consideration they deserve as we joyfully serve them with a “Spirit of Excellence.”